Today we skped with marie and David. They live on a big boat. She saw kangaroos.


I ride my bike. I played with my sister. We went out to eat. After that we went home.          T. Piaye. My. Game.   Andy t. Got. Some.    Ice cram


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I stayed in the house. And we played with my baby sister. And then we had went over my cousins house.i left my cousins house and I went home. And I played with my friends. An.






We touched the gooey stuff. It was oobleck. It gonna fall down. They're going to be sad. They're gonna be sad because it's falling. Because it's gooey. It gonna be all over their clothes. They're gonna queen. She's gonna make it a better place.


I liked what a wonderful world. I like the music. It has trumpet in it. It made me feel happy.


I like one where he said hit the road jack. Because it's my favorite. I like the instrument in it. It's like he's driving cars.


T stayed.   At.     Home. T.         Wa.     Tchaikovsky        Tu.      t.            Aatchoo.h.       Cartoons